Hi there!
I'm Tsunade(Maria Gabriella Mose) !!! (^__^)--c

I breath for Anime/Manga its simple my passion!!! In the daily i work as writer in different categories like manga stories ect. I draw my own manga for my stories and its my wish to publish them to movies or series ex. like "Naruto" or "Howl's Moving Castle"!

Well, I'll post everything in the name of Naruto+ ... I do only posts my own stuff, that means i do not take/steal others creations, pictures, gif or everything like that! but i'll love to share your work ect....no worries ^^=)
....so welcome to my blog & enjoy ! =)

Maria Gabriella Mose ❤
Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/
Jiraiya - Naruto